Computational Biomechanics Group

Research Vision

The vision of CBG is to help improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions through the application of biomechanical simulation. Present areas of emphasis include spine, knee, and hip mechanics in both amputee and non-amputee populations.

CBG research aims to improve our ability to predict musculoskeletal function in meaningful activities of daily living for both (1) individual patients (subject-specific) and (2) realistic patient populations (probabilistic modeling). Each of these goals presents unique challenges that guide our research strategy.

We employ a broad range of parametric modeling techniques and statistical methods to better quantify the normal variations in anatomical shape, tissue properties, and surgical parameters that affect clinical results. We hope that in time our efforts will help improve long term outcomes and decrease the incidence of revision surgery following orthopaedic procedures.

3D vertebrae model

Spine Mechanics

3D knee model

Knee Replacement

3D hip joint

Hip Motion